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Organize, Consolidate and Allocate Your Transactions


TCH E-Manger is deployed to over 32,000 users in North America to help facilitate the information management strategy associated with purchasing fuel and other truck related expenses while traveling over the road.  Flexible and robust this web based reporting tool allows fleets to track, organize, and allocate the transaction detail associated with the purchases that are made.

With E-Manager your company can generate comprehensive spending reports for all drivers and accurately integrate transaction data into your company's dispatch and accounting system.  And you can do it all with not additional hardware to purchase and it is - quick, efficient and easy to use.



TCH's E-Manger system is customizable and state of the art.  Large fleets and small, regional enterprises and government agencies all utilize E-Manager to analyze transaction purchase history for the ability to save time, money and create better ways to manage costs.  Only E-Manager delivers the rich data needed to help negotiate better pricing and better control on monitoring fuel spending.  The E-Manager system has been designed to report and export data in the following formats:

  1. Supports three languages: English, French and Spanish
  2. Supports two currencies: US dollars and Canadian dollars


Whatever spending data you need to view E-Manager delivers an innovative reporting system that provides the quality line item detail associated with the transaction authorized.  The date provided includes the basic merchant name, date, city, state, authorization number, total amount purchase, as a well as custom reporting capabilities such as unit number, odometer, driver name, and sub fleet.  All this transaction detail is presented in easy to red screens with multiple formats available to review and format this data.


By streamlining the entire reporting process, E-Manager reduces the administrative costs, while enabling you to more efficiently track your company expenditures.  E-Manager makes it easy to analyze key suppliers discounts that will provide you the information needed to better consolidate spending.

Accessing E-Manager over the internet through a standard browser is all that is required.  E-Manager delivers the data directly to your desktop or laptop through a secure web interface.  Each User has a unique Carrier ID and password that allows access to their information.


E-Manager generates over 58 standard reports that help fleets track how and where money was spent.  Reports can be run anytime, anywhere to monitor driver spending.  Data is presented on the screen so users can chose fro a variety of different sorts such as: PDF, Excel, Text formats to pull your data for review.

With E-Manager you can:

  • Set up multiple users with individual passwords and access limits for security via Admin Rights

  • View Credit Status and Credit Manager information for specific contract via Credit Lookup Option

  • Research real-time transaction Reports

  • Export transaction files via Export Trans

  • Add or Remove individual One Time Cash via Cash Advance

  • Assign a reference to your individual One Time Cash Adds and Removes

  • View individual's card One Time Cash history, including the user that added or removed the cash

  • Issue and assign Electronic Money Codes

  • Money Codes are activated automatically on issuance

  • View Money Code History

  • Assign a Money Code to a specific contract

  • Change Card Status via Card Management, including Delete Option

  • Create/Update individual card policy limits and/or information via Card Management or Policy Management

  • Switch an individual card or policy to Hand Enter for emergency situations via Card Management or Policy Management
  • Override card limits in emergency situations via Card Management

  • Look up a driver using information assigned to the Company X-Ref via Card Management
  • Assign your policy a name for easy reference via Policy Management

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