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In the transportation industry, there has always been a need to compile detailed billing information for fleets of all sizes with regard to transactions and money transfers for individual drivers. Traditionally, third-party billing companies were utilized for this very need. As acceptance and sophistication improved, these billing companies began to expand the offering of products and services into most aspects for the purchase of fuel, maintenance, and emergency services; and they had the ability to provide individual driver needs such as cash advances, meals, showers, and phone calls.

TCH is Born

On July 1, 1996, Transportation Clearing House LLC, more commonly known as TCH, was founded by Flying J Inc. and began a fuel card business of its own. As demand for this product increased, quality independent truckstops and major travel plazas outside the Flying J family saw the advantage of accepting the TCH Fuel Card at their own locations. Within a very short time, TCH had established a network of truckstop locations and a carrier customer base that reached across North America.

Customer Focused

TCH had taken on the challenge of providing the common types of fuel card services offered by other fuel card providers; however, TCH became successful by offering distinct user advantages. TCH incorporated the latest technology available and designed products that satisfied the needs of drivers while providing extensive carrier controls. TCH built its programs from the ground up to focus on driver and fleet requirements. It was through this effort and dedication that TCH was able to develop a program that incorporated the features the industry had been wanting for years.

Service Driven

The TCH program goes one step further than systems and technology. Its real strength is in its people. TCH employees are second to none; they have been provided with the proper tools and have accepted the challenge to be the best service organization in the industry. In an industry that is driven from the pavement up, TCH is proud to be a service organization that understands the needs of the industry and is not afraid to invest in technology and people as its first priorities.

Forward Thinking

TCH is a true partner in the total operations of a trucking company's business. Offering a single point of service at a fraction of traditional costs, TCH continues its quest to stay Miles Ahead of the Rest!

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